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Nikki ( Journal )

29 February
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  • sakurafromjapan@livejournal.com
On this fateful day, 20 May which is actually my mum's birthday, I have created my own LJ account for the first time and I am SO happy that I will finally be able to post anything like fics, drawings and comments ! :D
Although I have been posting comments about fics as an anonymous person, I was not really "nameless" there for I often put the name "Sakura" at the end of a comment everytime I posted one there. ;)

I left school about 11 years ago and have been a part-time teacher, a bookshop assistant and a group secretary ever since.
Lately, I have been studying boueki( international trade ), visting various kinds of boueki sites on the internet in order to get some more and more information about this so that one day, when I get a bit more educated and older, I can work in an office, handling all those shipping documents. :)

I live with my mum, dad and my brother + Jeremy ( He is our cute little cat and we call him Jerry for short ).

I have been a big Star Wars fan ever since Revenge of the Sith and I have been into anything to do with SW for two years now. X)
Um, basically, I am an Anakin/Obi-Wan shipper though there are more other pairings I can be comfortable with: Anakin/Palpatine, Anakin/Padme, Garen/Obi-Wan, Luke/Wedge, Ben/Luke, Obi/Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon/Tahl, Ferus/Roan, Ferus/Trever, etc.

I DO read official SW books, EU ( spin-off ? ) novels and fics ( both canon-tight ones and AU-ish ones ) and when I find really well-written fics, I save them on Word, have them printed out and get them neatly stapled together to make them look a little bit like thin books or . . . I simply have them added to Favourites on my cell phone so I can read them even in bed or wherever I am without staring at the big computer screen for hours and hours. ( I have NO intention of selling them so please do not worry, Mr and Ms Writers. )

Finally, I can talk about what my journal is about.
I think it is going to be a place where I post my fics and my drawings and talk about things I really love and/or do not like and tell my LJ friends about what has happened / has been happening to me these days.

I hope I will have a lot of fun here . . . *bows*.

Sakura from Kobe, Japan ( Sunday, 20 May, 2007 )
PS. I may be able to check out and update my own "User Profile" site only once or twice a week, I think. Mostly at the weekend.