Peck !

My Loveliest Hair Clip ~ !

Got My Hair Cut and Received a Present !

Since I had my hair cut last night and cut it a little bit TOO SHORT, I had been feeling a little sad and depressed all through the night . . . but . . . it didn’t last that long. This morning, I received a parcel wrapped in pale pink paper from a dear friend of mine and . . . well, I e-mailed her straight away, thanked her and asked her what it was for. She said it was for me for having got over the MFS and because my recovery was super-speedy, she wanted to give me "something" !  *hugs her tightly to pieces . . . ( mentally, of course )*

Hmm, all I need to do right now is . . . show off, I think.  : )

PS. I'm going to post my new fic "Obi-Wan Gets His Hair Cut" sometime next week . . . . ( I hope ).
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Japanese Boys Detective Story and Homosexuality Found in It

Some Thoughts on Shonen Tantei Dann ( Boys’ Detective Club )

Rating: R ( The series themselves are not rated R but what I’m going to mention here will be rated, I’m afraid.  ^_^; )

Disclaimer: Shonen Tantei Dann ( Boys’ Detective Club ) is Edogawa Rampo’s creation. Not mine.

Warning: Yaoi aka Slash mentioned ( everywhere ). *meeps*

Note: Up until now, 46 volumes of Shonen Tantei Dann have been published in all. ( Edogawa Rampo himself was born in 1894 and died in 1965. ) Um, I’ve got them all by the way.  :D

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On the . . . ( PG-16 )

They talk some slashy things about Ferus/Roan . . . 

Warning: If you’re not interested in slash, then, I must ask you to turn round and go back to wherever you came from . . .  ^_^;

Just got the final book of the Last of the Jedi series yesterday !! *jumps up and down*  :D

Um . . . maybe those who read the Last of the Jedi books won’t believe this but . . . about a year ago, I stopped reading this series and even tried very hard to stay away from comments and articles about the books especially the ones that contained spoilers – simply because I wanted to read the last four or five books straight through without having to wait months for the next one.


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I Need Some Help, Please ~ !

Help Me Beta My SW Fic, Please ~ !

Currently, I am looking for someone who would be able to spare me a bit of her or his time to beta my new fic.

I think I have mentioned ( to Fopperies-san and Generale Kenobi-san ) once or twice on LJ that I had been working on a fic that contains both humour and slash that the fic would centre around Obi-Wan who gets his hair cut before RotS.

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