Peck !

Happy Tanabata Day ! :D

Over here in Japan, 7 July is the Tanabata Day, a special occasion for wishes to be made !! :)

So, on this day, we usually write our wishes on colourful pieces of paper and put them on decorated bamboo branches for all the stars in the galaxy to see. XD

What are my wishes, you say ?? Okay...I can share SOME of them with you guys. ;)

1. In the near future, I would like to work in a place ( hopefully, out there at "******* & ******" ) where I get to handle shipping documents and use my IT skills, etc.

2. Stars ! *looks up at whatever's up in the sky and prays* This is important ! I would very much like to get to know THAT mystery man of mine with a sandy-coloured beard who often bumped into me and was watching me sometimes ! And if it's not much to ask, please let me be his, if he's still single, that is. *blushes FURIOUSLY*

3. Please let me have at least "enough time" to finish reading Angels & Demons. 'Cause I've been too busy to do it, really. T_T

May all your wishes come true ! :)
Busy Obi-Wan

Almost finished with A&D !

I've already read 332 pages of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" so far's been almost a week(!) since I got the book.

Usually, I'm a fast reader that it only takes me about 2 - 3 hours to read a book that contains 200 pages ( more or less ). But...this time, as I had already said, I decided to read "real slowly" for I kind of knew I would ENORMOUSLY enjoy this gripping story because... 1) I had seen the film and found it really omoshiroii(interesting). 2) My favourite actor actually played one of the central characters and made me fall in love with him all over again ( and with the character, too ).

Agh...! I'm almost finished reading, sadly approaching the end of the story. *sighs* How come an interesting story like this always comes to an end just as you have got yourself SO into it and come to know/LOVE the characters ?? :{

Still...I'd have to go on reading, otherwise I wouldn't find out how the story would develop.

Oh...*winces* now I like the story SO MUCH I don't want it to end.... T_T
Busy Obi-Wan

Angels & Demons Book X)

THE BOOK ARRIVED !!! *does a little happy Scottish country dancing*

Now, I'm going to read it REALLY SLOWLY to make it last longer - as if I'm enjoying some food that's INCREDIBLY TASTY !!'s going to be like watching a TV mini-series I greatly look forward to every night !! X}

Okay. *clears throat* Rumour has it Ewan('s character) is kind of showing off his studly man-chest more often in the book. *cough, cough* Not that IT's the only thing I have in my mind while reading, though. *huffs, trying hard not to think about how hairy he is, how smooth his skin is and....*

Anyways, since I HAVE already seen the film, I'm sure I will read and hear the lines being said in my head in the exact voices of the actors and actresses ! ^_^;
Garen Muln

Ewan McGregor Interview ( that's probably rated mild R )

Finally . . . F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, I went to see that "Angels and Demons" starring Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor last night ! *does a little happy dance*

IT was a LOT of fun and was REALLY well-made and fast-paced with an amazing turn of events that take place during the last thirty(?) minutes of the film so . . . I greatly enjoyed it, really !! ( Well, I liked it so much I even ordered the book on Amazon as SOON as I got home ! XD )

And . . . again, *sighs dreamily* with Ewan's warm smile and his strong, cultured, clipped accent, I was forced to melt into mushy goo right there in my reserved seat at the cinema . . . *laughs* Oh, if a friend of mine ever asked me to go there and watch the film with her again, I think I would ! Aww . . . you know, it was THAT great ! ( - except for the bloody, gory scenes where some people get brutally murdered, of course. -_-; )

Now, here's the link to the page where they have the Ewan Interview:

!!! Beware the HARSH REMARKS on Ewan and the films he's in . . . !!! T_T
Garen the Bird

Measured in centimetres : )

Okay . . . . today, for the FIRST TIME in 2 years (!), I took my actual body measurements as I thought they would be more accurate than measuring over my clothes. So, after I had a bath shortly before dinner, I measured around the fullest part of my bust, first . . . *is counting off items on fingers*. . . then I measured around my natural waistline . . . and I checked the exact size of my hips, too ( a little below my natural waistline, that is ).
I even found out how tall I am at the moment !   : )

Um . . . Here it is:

Height / Weight: 152 cm / 42 kg
Bust: 73 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 83 cm ( Oh, you know . . . I've been doing sit-ups these days, like 10 to 20 times a day, so I'll be able to reduce the size of my hips . . . well, one day, I hope. *smiles* )

Mmm . . . . *sees above* not bad . . . not bad at all. 

But . . . *frowns* . . . there's something I don't like about my size, I guess. It's . . . . . well, it seems my breasts look like the ones a 13 or 14(?) year old girl would (probably) have.   T_T

How do I make them grow a little bigger than this ? Should I drink some more milk ?? Yoghurt, perhaps ?? ( Well, I do drink a lot of green tea but that doesn't help to make them bigger, does it ? *sighs* )  Hmm, all I want to do is . . . add a little more flesh to my breasts. *nods to self* Maybe this kind of question should have been posted on "Yahoo! Answers" ? - where I've asked only one question so far ? ( ->;_ylt=Anj7gH5NWDJCWn8bDYVu.ZHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090317005617AA7DyNp ) 

Must go to bed now. *looks at the clock and smiles sadly* 
Oyasumii(Good night) ~ ! *waves*  : D



Palpatine Kidnaps Ani ( PG-15 )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY ~ ! ! ! ! ! ! !

*Opens a bottle of some awfully, expensive champagne and lets the cork fly*

POP ! ! !  . . . . WOOSH - . . . .

*Clears throat* Anyways, I have a wonderful Palpy/Ani/Luke manga here for you, Wendy, so . . .  please accept it as a birthday gift, Iii(Okay) ? Oh, I won't take NO for an answer, yoh(you know).  ^_^;

Palpatine Kidnaps Ani
Rated: PG-15
Illustrator: Kamepan-san
Translated by: ME !  : )
Genre: Humour + A bit of slash
Disclaimer: This artwork is Kamepan-san's and NOT MINE. I wish it were, tough . . .  T_T

Um . . . It's already 18 March over here in Japan, I know but . . . I'm kind of guessing right now that it must be still 17 March over where you are because I'm kind of sure that Japan is 10 to 17 hours ahead of America, so . . . I guess it's not going to be "a belated birthday present", anyway.  ^_^;

*HUGS~!*  : )
Busy Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Sleeping With Anakin/Padme ( NC-15 )

As I promised on the website called "CAPS LOCK TCW" just the other day that I would post a pic of Obi-Wan sleeping with Anakin and Padme in one single bed ( the one done in the style of manga, that is ), I'm going to post it right here and now - with something extra that might interest tons of fangirls on LJ ! Tano-Shinde Neh ( Enjoy ) !   : )

Disclaimer: These two pics are F. Lee-san's and NOT mine. I just got them from her about a year ago and just LOVED them to pieces !!  XD

( 1 ) Obi-Wan Sleeping With Anakin and Padme . . . ( 2 ) Anakin Dressed As a Woman Getting Eaten Alive ! ! . . .




Yesterday ( 3 Feb ), it was Setsubun Day here in Japan and like many other Japanese families, my mum, dad, brother and I had grilled fish, tasty clear soup with some scrambled eggs in it, and some rolled sushi with various kinds of ingredients in it for dinner which is eaten on this special day for celebrating the first day of Spring. Oh . . . they were simply DELICIOUS !!   ^_^

And after dinner, like many others, we threw some roasted soy beans, having them all scattered around the house to kick all unseen devils out of the house !

Here's the proper way to do it here in Japan;

1. Start with the rooms far back inside the house. First, you just go into a room and open the window and throw some beans out into the air, saying ONI-WAH SOTOH - ! ( which means DEVILS OUT. ) Then shut the window right away and throw beans into the corner of the room, saying FUKU-WAH UCHII - ! ( which means FORTUNE IN. )

2. After you are finished with every single room in the house, you go up to the front door, open it, and throw beans out into the dark, saying ONI-WAH SOTOH - ! And then you have to shut the door immediately before the already-thrown-out devils come back and get back inside ! Now, with the door firmly closed, throw some beans right inside the house, saying FUKU-WAH UCHII - !!

This way, you can drive all evil spirits away from your house . . . . . . or so I heard.  ^_^;

Happy Setsubun Day ~ !!  *hugs*
Garen the Bird


* ~ OBITUARY ~ *

Pinky died about a week ago and was replaced by Pinky Jr which was ( obviously ) named after Pinky. *sniffles*   T_T

Well, Pinky was the pinkish-silver cell phone I used to have and cherish until I dropped her into the green tea and made her useless. During these two years and a month of her tragically short life, I had a WONDERFUL time communicating with my family and tons of my friends from various places in the world whenever it was and wherever I was.

Oh . . . I miss her now . . . she's stopped functioning . . . . . .

BUT, since I managed to get the data-filled stuff out of Pinky far before she had gone completely broken, I got to move ALL the precious data into Pinky Jr !   : )

Hmm . . . maybe, I should be at least "a little" glad about this that somehow I managed to save the data that used to be part of Pinky I used to love and take everywhere with me ! *sighs*

You know . . . come to think of this and that, I think Pinky was the most precious one I ever had . . . ( um, next to my life and my own family, that is !   ^_^; )

Well, let me just say *channels the older version of Rose from Titanic* . . . she now lives only in my memory . . . *gives a hard-to-carry smile*