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Ani / Obi Slash Manga ( PG-16 )

Hi ! It's been a LONG, LONG WHILE since I got my LJ updated, I guess !! ^_^;

Oh...I'm currently changing jobs, btw, looking for one in which I get to help build common understanding and trust between Scandinavian countries and Japan, and...I've been SO VERY busy, jobhunting, gathering info., etc.

BUT...I need a break like everyone else, you know, I am, getting myself connected to LJ after, oh, SO LONG !! ^_^;

Anyways, I'm going to post a slash manga my friend drew a long time ago and share it with my friends on here ! :)

Here we go !

Title: Ani & Obi's Sign Language Part 2
Disclaimer: This cartoon is Takako-san's and definitely NOT mine. ^_^;
Read: From right to left, top to bottom !
Translated by: ME. :D

They are having dinner.

Anakin: *cough cough* Ahem !

Anakin: *Ani communicates with hand signals just like in the deleted scenes from Revenge of the Sith*

Obi-Wan: Hmmm.... *touches beard, also communicating with hand signals*

Anakin: ...... *wipes eyebrows*

Obi-Wan: You're dribbling, Luke... *wipes*

Luke: Mmmm...

Anakin: SITH SPIT !!!! What do you mean "NO SEX TONIGHT" !?!? And you can't even be kind and sweet enough to give me a blow job, is that what you mean, huh !? What kind of a lover are you, anyway !?!?

Obi-Wan: Why do you ALWAYS discuss this sort of thing in front of our kids, Anakin ?! Can't you control your libido just once in your life, my VERY HORNY PADAWAN !?

Anakin: NO, I CAN'T !!

Luke: *twitches*

Leia: ???

THE END ! :)
Tags: anakin, leia, luke, manga, obi-wan, slash

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