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SW Manga: Ani & Obi's Sign Language Part 1

Hi ! There's a wonderful non-slash-ish A/O manga set in RotS I'd like to share with you all !  : D

Ani & Obi's Sign Language Part 1 ( Read from right to left, top to bottom ! )
Disclaimer: This wonderful cartoon is not mine. It has creatively been done by a talented doujinshi writer named Takako-san.
Translated by: ME :)

Anakin: Master, we're surrounded !

Anakin: *communicates with hand signals* Master, we're gonna get out of here . . . *touches ear* THIS WAY !
Obi-Wan: Okay.

Anakin: *jumps!!*

Obi-Wan: *jumps!!*

Anakin: Ow !!
Obi-Wan: Ouch !!
Droid 1: !?!?
Droid 2: !?!?

Anakin: Master - !! You were supposed to move to your RIGHT !! Not LEFT !!!
Obi-Wan: No ! No ! No ! Your hand signals said I WAS to move to my LEFT !! YOU are wrong, Anakin !!
Anakin: NO, Master ! I did NOT tell you to move to your left ! *rubs temple*
Obi-Wan: Yes, you DID !! *grumble grumble*
Anakin: No, I DIDN'T !!
Obi-Wan: Yes, you DID !!
Anakin: DIDN'T !!
Obi-Wan: DID !!
Anakin: DIDN'T !!!
Obi-Wan: DID !!!
Droid 1: Tell the General we have a couple of stupid Jedi over here.
Droid 2: *nods* Roger, roger.

The End
Did you enjoy it ? ( Well, I hope you DID ! *winks* ) And . . . *rustles* oh, soh-soh(yeah), the next one I'm going to post over  here is a slash manga that centres around Anakin/Obi-Wan. ( Sorry, Wendy. But there are more others to come, so just be patient.  ^_^; )

Mmm . . . *yawns* It's getting really late over here in Japan so I'm going to be off to bed now. Oyasumii( Good night ) ! *waves and dashes*

Note ( added on 24 Oct, 2010 ) : I am actually thinking of posting some more manga by the end of this year at the latest. Been so very busy working full-time, starting in the middle of October . . .   ^_^ 

Tags: anakin, japanese manga, non-slash, obi-wan, rots

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