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Happy Tanabata Day ! :D

Over here in Japan, 7 July is the Tanabata Day, a special occasion for wishes to be made !! :)

So, on this day, we usually write our wishes on colourful pieces of paper and put them on decorated bamboo branches for all the stars in the galaxy to see. XD

What are my wishes, you say ?? Okay...I can share SOME of them with you guys. ;)

1. In the near future, I would like to work in a place ( hopefully, out there at "******* & ******" ) where I get to handle shipping documents and use my IT skills, etc.

2. Stars ! *looks up at whatever's up in the sky and prays* This is important ! I would very much like to get to know THAT mystery man of mine with a sandy-coloured beard who often bumped into me and was watching me sometimes ! And if it's not much to ask, please let me be his, if he's still single, that is. *blushes FURIOUSLY*

3. Please let me have at least "enough time" to finish reading Angels & Demons. 'Cause I've been too busy to do it, really. T_T

May all your wishes come true ! :)
Tags: 7 july, japanese custom, tanabata, wishes
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