sakurafromjapan (sakurafromjapan) wrote,

Angels & Demons Book X)

THE BOOK ARRIVED !!! *does a little happy Scottish country dancing*

Now, I'm going to read it REALLY SLOWLY to make it last longer - as if I'm enjoying some food that's INCREDIBLY TASTY !!'s going to be like watching a TV mini-series I greatly look forward to every night !! X}

Okay. *clears throat* Rumour has it Ewan('s character) is kind of showing off his studly man-chest more often in the book. *cough, cough* Not that IT's the only thing I have in my mind while reading, though. *huffs, trying hard not to think about how hairy he is, how smooth his skin is and....*

Anyways, since I HAVE already seen the film, I'm sure I will read and hear the lines being said in my head in the exact voices of the actors and actresses ! ^_^;
Tags: angels and demons, novel
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