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Ewan McGregor Interview ( that's probably rated mild R )

Finally . . . F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, I went to see that "Angels and Demons" starring Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor last night ! *does a little happy dance*

IT was a LOT of fun and was REALLY well-made and fast-paced with an amazing turn of events that take place during the last thirty(?) minutes of the film so . . . I greatly enjoyed it, really !! ( Well, I liked it so much I even ordered the book on Amazon as SOON as I got home ! XD )

And . . . again, *sighs dreamily* with Ewan's warm smile and his strong, cultured, clipped accent, I was forced to melt into mushy goo right there in my reserved seat at the cinema . . . *laughs* Oh, if a friend of mine ever asked me to go there and watch the film with her again, I think I would ! Aww . . . you know, it was THAT great ! ( - except for the bloody, gory scenes where some people get brutally murdered, of course. -_-; )

Now, here's the link to the page where they have the Ewan Interview:

!!! Beware the HARSH REMARKS on Ewan and the films he's in . . . !!! T_T
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