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Nikki ( Journal )
Obi-Wan Sleeping With Anakin/Padme ( NC-15 ) 
26th-Feb-2009 05:16 pm
Busy Obi-Wan

As I promised on the website called "CAPS LOCK TCW" just the other day that I would post a pic of Obi-Wan sleeping with Anakin and Padme in one single bed ( the one done in the style of manga, that is ), I'm going to post it right here and now - with something extra that might interest tons of fangirls on LJ ! Tano-Shinde Neh ( Enjoy ) !   : )

Disclaimer: These two pics are F. Lee-san's and NOT mine. I just got them from her about a year ago and just LOVED them to pieces !!  XD

( 1 ) Obi-Wan Sleeping With Anakin and Padme . . . https://sakurafromjapan.livejournal.com/photo/album/2107/?mode=view&id=11730&page=1 ( 2 ) Anakin Dressed As a Woman Getting Eaten Alive ! ! . . . https://sakurafromjapan.livejournal.com/photo/album/2107/?mode=view&id=11832&page=1

26th-Feb-2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
You should post that goregous first picture on anakinsandwich!!! Its all about Obi/Padme/Ani threesomes. :D Woo hoo!
26th-Feb-2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
oOOH! That second one is *EXTRA* delicious! makes me want to like... write a fic about it! LOL

Thanks for posting!!! I agree with buff! Anakinsandwich!!!!!
27th-Feb-2009 04:46 am (UTC)
Oh, do write ! Onegaii(Please) ~ ! You'll even manage to write a drabble about Ani/Obi/Padme having lots of fun in one single bed, I bet ! ^_^
27th-Feb-2009 04:42 am (UTC)
Oh, I'll remember that ! XD
I mean...the next time I post any of Ani/Obi/Padme fics and pics, that's exactly where I'll be ~ !!

I'll go check out the site after lunch, then ! ;)
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