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Yesterday ( 3 Feb ), it was Setsubun Day here in Japan and like many other Japanese families, my mum, dad, brother and I had grilled fish, tasty clear soup with some scrambled eggs in it, and some rolled sushi with various kinds of ingredients in it for dinner which is eaten on this special day for celebrating the first day of Spring. Oh . . . they were simply DELICIOUS !!   ^_^

And after dinner, like many others, we threw some roasted soy beans, having them all scattered around the house to kick all unseen devils out of the house !

Here's the proper way to do it here in Japan;

1. Start with the rooms far back inside the house. First, you just go into a room and open the window and throw some beans out into the air, saying ONI-WAH SOTOH - ! ( which means DEVILS OUT. ) Then shut the window right away and throw beans into the corner of the room, saying FUKU-WAH UCHII - ! ( which means FORTUNE IN. )

2. After you are finished with every single room in the house, you go up to the front door, open it, and throw beans out into the dark, saying ONI-WAH SOTOH - ! And then you have to shut the door immediately before the already-thrown-out devils come back and get back inside ! Now, with the door firmly closed, throw some beans right inside the house, saying FUKU-WAH UCHII - !!

This way, you can drive all evil spirits away from your house . . . . . . or so I heard.  ^_^;

Happy Setsubun Day ~ !!  *hugs*
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