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* ~ OBITUARY ~ *

Pinky died about a week ago and was replaced by Pinky Jr which was ( obviously ) named after Pinky. *sniffles*   T_T

Well, Pinky was the pinkish-silver cell phone I used to have and cherish until I dropped her into the green tea and made her useless. During these two years and a month of her tragically short life, I had a WONDERFUL time communicating with my family and tons of my friends from various places in the world whenever it was and wherever I was.

Oh . . . I miss her now . . . she's stopped functioning . . . . . .

BUT, since I managed to get the data-filled stuff out of Pinky far before she had gone completely broken, I got to move ALL the precious data into Pinky Jr !   : )

Hmm . . . maybe, I should be at least "a little" glad about this that somehow I managed to save the data that used to be part of Pinky I used to love and take everywhere with me ! *sighs*

You know . . . come to think of this and that, I think Pinky was the most precious one I ever had . . . ( um, next to my life and my own family, that is !   ^_^; )

Well, let me just say *channels the older version of Rose from Titanic* . . . she now lives only in my memory . . . *gives a hard-to-carry smile*

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